Stimulus Checks are Coming!

Just like many Americans, I'm beginning to count down the days until the infamous "stimulus" check hits my mailbox. Granted, its far form winning the lottery, heck its hardly a part of my bi-weekly paycheck, but it IS money that I didn't otherwise have. Because of this, I'm going to spend it, and spend it quick. This is the mindset that most Americans have when it comes to the free money that's headed their way. Naturally, business owners need to be thinking about how to drive these potential customers to them... and quickly!

Whatever form of marketing you are using, or plan on using (radio, print, tv, web, whatever!) it needs to convey a sense of urgency! We call this Direct Response. Save the frills and over the top creativity for the rest of the year. Right now - in all forms of marketing, You need to ask your target customers a strategic question - and answer that question with an unbeatable offer of your services or products. Your message needs to be conveyed direct and often over the coming weeks to build the top-of-mind awareness needed to draw those potential customers to you. End of story. There's going to be ALLOT of money being spent in the coming weeks, make sure your business is on the receiving end.

I would be happy to help you put together a plan to draw these customers to your business! We'll look at the options available. I'll even do all the leg work, gathering quotes for an effective plan with-in your budget. Its a great time to give your target customers what they are looking for, don't wait until this window of "stimulus" opportunity has passed

An effective marketing plan starts with an experienced marketing team. If you have any questions about TV Advertising or Radio Advertising call me anytime - (231)468-9972 or email us here. Or visit .  My company has been one of the most trusted names in Television Advertising and Radio Advertising for years.

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