The Marketing Seed

Marketing. Something every business needs to ensure success, yet it can also be one of the most frustrating tasks on a to-do list. Sometimes being pushed to the side or given up on prematurely. Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be! I too am a very “results now” driven personality type. I’ve learned though, when it comes to marketing of my business and the business of my clients, a little patience goes a long ways!

Here’s a helpful thought – Think of a marketing plan as an apple seed. When you first put that piece of marketing out there - a radio commercial for example, you’ve planted a seed. Every time that commercial airs and the same group of people hear it over and over, that seed sprouts, begins to grow, and eventually starts to spread roots. Just as with an actual seed, this does not happen overnight. It takes time to bear fruit. It also takes the right soil (station) and food (message). If that message is given the time it needs to spread roots and grow in the minds your potential customers, there is no telling how much fruit it will bear. No tree will bear fruit after only one day or week, just as almost any form of marketing won’t produce results in a small time frame.

It takes 3 things to see results from a seed and marketing: The right venue/station(soil), food (message), and Time to grow.

It’s a simple analogy, but helps to put your marketing initiates in perspective in moments of frustration. It may even add a new layer of perspective to previous marketing attempts.

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