What makes your business unique?

What makes your business unique?

If your answer is something along the lines of “service” or “selection”… please try again. Because chances are - your competition also tells your shared base of potential customers the same thing. Even if the reality is - you truly do have the best “service” and “selection” – In the minds of your potential customers - Who is unique? The answer: Neither. No matter how many times you say it.

Standing apart is what drives a business apart from its competition.

Q- If a consumer had never tried Cola #1 and Cola #2, yet both Cola’s claim to have the most refreshing cola, how would the consumer know what one to try?
A- They wont. They would randomly try one and hope for the best.

Are your new customers feeling the confusion and “hoping for the best” when they contact you? This can be a hard question to answer, because it forces us to take an honest look at our business and marketing. We all believe that we offer “the best”, and if the consumer just tried our brand, they too would feel the same. While this may be true – First the consumer needs to experience what you offer before making that judgment call. Getting them to this step by showcasing what makes you Unique is key.

On your future marketing efforts, ask yourself. What makes us Unique? Really think about it, don’t just throw down the old tired answers. Be specific, be honest, and most importantly be you.
Customers respond to honesty and personality. If they believe that your unique points are true, you may just find yourself with a whole new lineup of clients.

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