How do your customers speak?

All too often business fall in the trap of speaking to our customers/clients in "industry speak" - Using phrases and words that WE use daily but are of little to no value to our customers, because THEY don't use them in normal conversation. Speaking in these terms is a one way ticket to making a potential customer loose interest in your message, and may also come across as pretentious. With-out even realizing it, we could make a customer feel very inferior just because of the words we use. There's a fine line between sounding educated and experienced in your field and sounding like you have no clue what a customers needs really are because you are caught up in technical industry terms.

Take a look at your website, your marketing literature, radio commercial or tv scripts - any place you are conveying a message to the public. Ask yourself three simple questions, and answer them from the stand point of your potential customer

1. Is your message clear, concise and to the point?
2. Is it using terms most anyone could understand without having knowledge of your industry terms?
3. Is there a clear benefit in my offer that sets me apart from the competition?

Three simple questions to ask yourself, that in turn could do wonders to your customer relations and ability to bring in new business.

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