Radio Commercials in Tough Times

When the country is spending less, consumer confidence levels are down, and the over-all outlook for the immediate future calls for more of slowdown before a pickup, how do you still drive customers to your doorstep?

I heard a radio commercial the other day for a local bank. It wasn’t a booming voice-over offering $25 if you open a new checking account, instead - it was the voice of a customer. A customer talking about how his family had banked with this company for years, even during the original great depression. It went on to re-enforce a sense of community, and through thick-and-thin this bank was going to be there for them, no matter what. The president of the bank came at the end with a message of re-assurance, and care for the community. It sounded honest, real and very powerful. It talked about the company’s history and their stake in the community as well as its customers. I asked myself - Who would I rather bank with if I were to open a new account? The one with the cheap frills of a free $25 check, or the one that has acted responsible over the years, is part of the community, and stood up to the last great depression?

Are peoples fear about the future irrational at this time? Yes. Are they reacting with their pocket books? Yes. Are they still spending their money somewhere? Yes.

Right now, the consumer is looking for sure bets on almost any and every purchase they make. They will do 1 of two things.
1- Buy for ultra cheap.
2- Buy from those who they have a high level of trust and confidence.

If you can’t afford to offer goods or services for ultra cheap, a high level of trust and confidence could be your life line. If you can offer both, even more power to you.

Before you put your next radio commercial together – ask yourself:

-How has your business come through for your customers over the years? What were some of the best success stories?
(Maybe ask some of your best customers to say a few words about your business in a commercial)

-Why now – on a human emotion level, is it important for your target customers to use your goods or services?

-How will you be there for your customers down the road in a few months?

Communicate these messages of honesty, stability and trust to help whether the storm.

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