How to Bribe your Customers

If you are currently airing a radio commercial, or are thinking about airing a radio commercial for your business – take a moment to think about the content of that radio commercial. Is it compelling? Does it offer your customers a reason to contact your business? Is it an offer your customers can’t refuse? If it isn’t, you may want to create a new radio commercial.

A key difference between an effective radio commercial and an in-effective radio commercial is the offer in the message. Of course, the amount of exposure your message gets is the other half of the coin, but the offer is just as important. Let’s stop for a moment an think about your customers, what can you offer them to “seal a deal”? What are you willing to give them that the competition isn’t. This needs to be a solid, REAL offer. A percentage off “if they tell you they heard your commercial” is NOT what we are talking about here – ploys like this are not compelling enough and rarely ever work.

For example, I recently heard a car radio commercial. (Who hasn’t?) This commercial stood out from the rest though… Was it because it talked about “slashing prices”, “once a year sales”, or “put zero down and drive today”??… No… Almost every car commercial ever created says these tiered cliché’ messages, and guess what… no one hears them. Because these radio commercials are “white noise” to the listeners due to their overuse.

What I DID hear in the radio commercial was the words “Free Car”. It stood out; because this is an offer I do not hear often. Even though there are restrictions in this promotion - it grabbed my attention. I’m not neccearly in the market for a new car, but “if you buy one car and can get a free one, I may just check this place out” I thought to myself.

I am not saying you need to give away a free car, but think about what you are willing to offer a new or loyal customer if they make a purchase with you – and showcase it! It’s throwing a bucket of blood to a pack of hungry sharks. They are in the water… but you don’t see them until the offer is made! And in today’s economy, blatant offers of great value GET ATTENTION!

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