What NOT TO SAY in your Radio Commercials

DON’T say “Conveniently Located” in your Radio Commercials – Is this opposed to your other “difficult lactation” that you pined over before choosing this location. Skip saying things like this, it not only takes away from the precious :30 or :60 seconds you have to convey a powerful message in your radio commercial, it just sounds stupid. (Yes I know everyone has done this for years… it still sounds dumb. Furthermore, to the average consumer - THIS is the language of a tiered old cliché’ sales pitch)

DO – Give a reference point as to where you are at that people know. “Next to the Library in City name”. Unless you are on a state line, keep the state out.

DON’T give your full street address in your Radio Commercials – This not only eats up 5-10 seconds of the precious :30 or :60 seconds you have to convey a powerful message in your radio commercial, it is also useless to about 99% of those listening. No one is going to retain that you are “located at 1439 South Elmroy Street just sought of the I-135 Exit in Bay City, Florida, call 134-231-4519”. Your radio commercial needs to offer a compelling message to get the consumer INTERESTED in your products or services. The consumer is not helpless, they can use the phone book, Google, yahoo, gps, 411 information, pda, MapQuest or thousands of other sources to figure out your exact location on the gird. You need to focus on giving them a reason to do so in your radio commercial. Don’t fill your seconds of paid air time with something no one will retain.

DO – Give a reference point as mentioned above – or more importantly – Give your website address. “yoursite.com, that’s yoursite.com”. On the site you can provide a map of where people can find you.

DON’T give your phone number in the commercial UNLESS it is a vanity number. If I randomly spoke aloud a random combination of 10 numbers right now, how long would you remember them? Chances are not for long. Don’t feel bad, less than 1% of the population can, it’s just how our brains are wired. However If I said 800 PIZZA NOW. Chances are you could recall it hours if not days from now. Why is that? Because it’s a logical combination of words that our brains recognize and can recall. No matter how many times you repeat the random combination of 10 numbers, it just won’t stick.

DO – Invest in a vanity phone number, or an easy to remember website address and have those repeated in your radio commercial. You would be amazed at how dramatically calls increase when people can remember your number or website on a whim.

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