How to bring the customers back!

If you’ve seen a slow-down in new customers over the last quarter, you’re obviously not alone. While the average consumer is spending less and saving more, the importance of being on the top of that consumers mind has never been more important. Why is this? Because just as before the recession – When the consumer makes a purchase: 98% of the time it is because that vendor came to the top of their mind FIRST. Being FIRST in your target customer’s minds, needs to be your number one priority if new business and continued revenue plays any part in your business plan.

While many business go in to “survival spending only” mode, it is often easy to fall into the trap of “starvation spending” and end up doing more harm than good while trying to make it through rough waters. Just as your body can survive on less food than you are currently eating, it will eventually die off if it is fed too little. The same goes for your business. So what “feeds” your business – customers? How do these customers come to know about your existence – marketing! So why is it that one of the first things business cut in times like this is the “marketing budget”?? If you already have a large base of customers that continue to come in and support your business, more power to you! You can cut back more than others, but if you rely on new business to survive, it is “business suicide” to completely cut out your marketing budget.

Now the question to ask is – What works? Well, that depends on what you can realistically afford and what your customers will realistically respond to. Bottom line, almost any form of marketing can work if done right. Is it radio commercials? Is it TV commercials? Is it a magazine ad? Is it a banner ad on the net? The best thing to do is to discuss your options with a media professional who specializes in marketing matters. Most of the time they have your best interest at hand. Because just as you rely on your customers for return business, they rely on you for return business – this only happens if a marketing campaign is successful. It is always in their best interest to steer you in the right direction, as opposed to make a “quick buck”. They can discuss with you what has worked, where your budget may see the best results, and just how that marketing plan will likely impact your customers.

While the times are tough, the key to survival and even moderate success in these tough times is not to become invisible to your customers. Cutting the marketing to slim to nil is a surefire ticket to planning that going out of business sale right now. The key is looking at what is realistic for you, and your customers. Make offers in your marketing that have a genuine appeal to potential customers, earn their trust, and turn that ever precious new business into a return customer… even in these trying times.

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