Radio Advertising just got Cheaper and More Effective

Radio Advertising is Cheaper and more effective than before. How is this possible? Well its quite simple, let’s take a look –

1) CAUSE : The economy is in the tank

2) EFFECT: Radio stations are seeing fewer advertisers come through the doors and many of them have A LOT of open inventory to sell and are willing to sell it at deep discounts. (Sometimes 20% - 40% less than it was just one year ago at this time)

3) EFFECT: More people are listening to FREE radio as opposed to buying new cds, mp3’s, etc.

4) EFFECT TO YOU: An advertising agency such as mine, is able to negotiate lower rates for you with radio stations than ever before because many stations need the advertisers.

5) EFFECT: You will be able to connect with your target customers on a lower budget than before and reach more of them.

It really is a buyer’s market right now for radio advertising. In many markets an effective package that consists of frequent prime-time placement is going for 20% - 40% less than it was just one year ago at this time. This means big savings to you, with an even greater reach than ever before.

You may be thinking “Advertising for less sounds great, but my customers are also buying less”. While that may be true, they are still buying – just being much more selective about these buying decisions. The key to be the winner of that ever important buying decision is being “top of mind” with your target customers. If your competition has cut back the advertising, this is the prime time to swoop in and build that awareness for your business. It’s still is all about being “top of mind”. You can throw in the towel now, or bring them back now, by being the first thing they think of when they need your product or services.

Radio commercials have always been one of the cheapest ways of reaching out to your target customers. How is this? Quite simple. When you consider the cost it takes to reach one thousand of your target customers through Print, Direct Mail, or countless other forms of advertising you are looking at costs reaching possibly into the Thousands! When you look at the cost of reaching one thousand people through radio commercials, you are looking at costs of $5-$12 per thousand, per hit. You tell me what makes more economic sense? Spending $3000 to reach 1000 people through a direct mail piece that 99.5% of people will likely toss in the trash, or spending that same $3000 to reach 200,000 people multiple times over through compelling radio commercials that will stick in their minds for months to come.

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