How to create a Great Radio Commercial?

It’s a question that EVERYONE wants the answer to. Simply put… a radio commercial is “great”, if it is effective. You’ve probably heard countless radio commercials that made you laugh, but at the end of it do you actually take the action the commercial was trying to convince to you take? Were you even aware of the product or service the radio commercial was for? Or did you simply take away the humor but not the message? These are one end of the spectrum, the other is the “Over-informed” commercial, the ones that give far too much technical information on a service or product. In these cases, too much info can sometimes turn away a potential customer or bore the potential customer into turning the channel even if they would otherwise have an interest in that product or service.

Now that we’ve examined what makes a BAD radio commercial, let’s get to what makes a GREAT radio commercial. First off, it needs to be compelling. It needs to capture the attention of the listener right off the bat. This is not done by screaming, a siren, your children’s voices, or countless other odd distractions that do not pertain to what is trying to be accomplished. It is done by a compelling statement or piece of production that sounds so different from anything else, that is makes the listener stop and take notice. Once you have hooked the listener in at the start, it’s the job of a great radio commercial to keep that listener there. It needs to get to the point… you have that persons attention, what is the most powerful thing you can say to keep their interest and make them want more? It’s probably not the fact that you have “x years in the business”, or are having the “biggest sale ever”. These are all very over-used lines that mean little to nothing anymore. Identify a need that your target customer has, and then say exactly how what offer can meet that need. Follow up that statement with how you can not only meet that need, but go above and beyond their expectations. Consumers these days don’t just want to have their base needs met, they want this and more – for the same amount of money. Call it greed, call it high expectations, call it whatever you want – but you can call it a new client if you can deliver. This can be done with compelling statements, or even better yet… the use of a testimonial.

When used correctly, testimonials in radio commercials are super effective. They key here is, they need to be REAL. A clear and compelling testimonial from a past customer can be the push that the listener needs to take action. If the listener can identify with someone “just like them” who had their needs fulfilled by your products or services, they would be very likely to give you a chance too. Being real is key. If a consumer for even one second feels that the testimonial portrayed in a commercial is fake in any way. You lose credibility and a potential customer. If they feel the message real and sincere though, you could likely gain a customer and then some.

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