I Heard it On The Radio

It happens to all of us, a friend shares a compelling story or tidbit that left you wanting to know more… When you ask them where they heard it, the answer comes back “I heard it on the radio”. This happens quite often, many times they were referring to a radio commercial for a product or service, without even knowing they were repeating the message of a radio commercial. Not some witty banter from a “DJ” about the latest performer to enter rehab.

So why did your friend pick up on a message a radio advertiser put on the air? Because the business talked about how long they were in business for? About how all their products are “quality”? Or because they had their kid reading the commercial? No. No. No. It was because one statement in the message was compelling, and spoke directly to your friends needs and wants. With that one moment of direct connection, a relationship was formed between a potential customer and a business.

The fact that your friend shared with you this tidbit of knowledge they learned “on the radio” made message “viral”. It wasn’t just some passing information that was shared secret between a store clerk and a consumer. It was a message so compelling, that your friend was moved to share their new found knowledge with you. You may be thinking to yourself… what kind of message was this? The answer: It was a message that pertained directly to that specific persons needs and wants. It may have meant absolutely nothing to one of your other friends, but to that individual – it was pure gold.

How could a message mean so much to one person and not the other? Simple: It was direct, it was targeted, and addressed a specific need unique to that person. All too often I hear radio commercials that try to be “Everything to Everyone”. When a radio commercial sets this goal, they lose. Why? Because the reality is: A business can’t be “Everything to Everyone”. A business has a select demographic of clientele that they need to attract.

It amazes me how many business owners are completely oblivious to this fact, or refuse to accept it out of sheer pride. While in an ideal world it would be great to appeal to every person and their pet cat muffles, it’s just not reality. When we try to speak to everyone, we miss the opportunity to address the specific needs and desires of that person who is searching for exactly what we can do for them. When you can identify that persons needs and speak to them with a truly compelling offer, and deliver on that offer: You not only gain a new customer – you gain a loyal follower who wants to share this newfound knowledge with their circle of like minded friends.

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