Another Bad Radio Commercial

What can I say... I'm probably one of the strongest critics of radio commercials. The fact that I create them for a living, makes me a bit of a "Dork" when it comes to listening to the radio. Constantly talking to it, criticizing it, praising it and all around over analyzing everything I hear. I probably sound like my father when we is watching and NFL game, except I'm yelling at another debt relief radio commercial.

What is really driving me nuts these days... Similarity. Lack of creativity. BLA-NESS. Its everywhere and its not working for anyone. Yet, everyone is copying everyone else, who likely copied an idea from another person who also thought they were on the right track. What gets a business ahead these days, IS BEING DIFFERENT. Not just being another "Variation" on something that already exists. Even if you are, just another variation - You need to showcase what really makes you different. When everyone in the room is a shade of blue, no one stands out. When you're the only red one in the room - You stand out and people take notice. This is what you need to be showcasing in your radio commercials.

For example... Debt Relief radio commercials. It seems I hear them every time I turn on the radio, I also create quite a few every week for various clients. The problem with many of the radio commercials on the air for this field is simple... Its the same "if you're 10,000 or more in debt, you need us... bla, bla, bla". I'm sick of it. It has meaning, but what makes me want to call company A over company B when their messages and call to action is virtually identical? Absolutely Nothing! Its not just in this field, look at a furniture store commercial, grocery store, most car dealership commercials, family restaurants, and so on.... They are loaded down with "safe" and very "simple" copy that does nothing to make their target customers stand up and take notice that they may actually offer something better than their competitors.

So... What really does make you different?

Be specific when answering this question. "Selection", "Variety", "Customer Service" are not acceptable answers. Everyone says it. Deep down... why are you different - how can you emotionally connect with your target customer and their needs. How are they feeling, and how can you meet those needs better than anyone else. This answer is different for everyone, the key to a successful pitch - it being real and making an honest connection with your target customer. If I can help you do this, feel free to drop me note.

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