Now THAT was a Funny Radio Commercial

Did you hear that radio commercial? You know… the one with the monkey who was trying to feed the baby… however no matter how hard he tried, the baby just wouldn’t take the food? How they got the baby to sound so real is beyond me! … That sure was funny… AND THAT’S IT… It was funny. What was the commercial for? What did it make me do? Who did it make me tell?

The funny thing is, this commercial made me laugh, it made me tell my friends about it, it even made me even write an article about it. However for the life of me… I couldn’t tell you what it was for. This makes the commercial a prime example of ineffective advertising. If I were that business, I would have rather had the former pastor at the church I grew up going to, who spoke in monotone for a complete hour read a straight forward radio commercial scrip with the most boring music I could come up with, and give out free shots of ny-quill to those listening – rather than have paid money for this “funny” – yet in effective commercial. More people would have picked up on the message I wanted to convey through the monotone mess, than the monkey and the baby.

Don’t get me wrong… there is NOTHING wrong with creating a funny commercial. In fact… it’s what I do for a living. I love adding humor to an offer and marketing campaign. However… it has to mean something, and it has to lead the consumer to remember what that radio commercial is for and drive them to do something – other than just laugh. There’s a lot of creative minds out there who “get” funny, and do it very, very well…. However, many of the ones who “get” funny, don’t “get” effective marketing and end up costing businesses thousands of dollars on some cheap laughs.

If you’ve ever wanted a radio or TV commercial created that people would laugh at, and TAKE ACTION to after seeing it. Be sure your message is clear enough for the consumer to do just that. It can be a fine line to walk, so if you ever want some pointers feel free to give me a call or drop me an email. I would be happy to chat.

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