The Cost of a Radio Commercial

I was recently engaged in a conversation with two business owners at a convention bar. Neither knew what I did for a living, both men worked in the same industry. One man said to the other “Why would you want to buy radio commercials!? … They don’t work and cost too much!”. The other business owner looked at him, and simply said “They are working for me… In fact since we started using radio commercials our sales have gone up 23%! Even in the down economy. With a jump in sales like that, radio commercials more than worth it!” The other man just shrugged, with a confused look on his face….

But rather than find the reason for his incorrect assumption – he chose to simply slide back into his own pride, sip on his rum and coke with his self-indulged sense of “knowing it all”.

Three months after this convention, one business was thriving – the other had shut his doors. You can guess which one.

I wonder now what the man who doubted the power of radio commercials is thinking now. Was the cost really too much? If you look at sheer mass numbers, radio is actually one of the cheapest ways to reach massive amounts of people per dollar, and most effective.

I don’t blame the man for not understanding the power of radio, I do however fault him for not being open to ideas outside his comfort zone. In the end, his attitude is what did his business in. So what were these other approaches that he so quickly shrugged off, and had no desire to learn?

In further talking with the successful businessman who was using radio commercials… He told me “it was a learning experience”. At first… radio didn’t work too well for him. Then he got the advice of some people outside of the radio station and it steadily picked up. He could have just given up and said “this doesn’t work”, as the other man did… rather he knew that “there must be some method to this madness”. When I asked him what kept him trying it, he told me. “I hear the same people on the air for years, there is obviously something working for them – I needed to figure out what it was and do it myself”. Which is exactly what he did. After some re-tooling of his radio commercials message and air-times. He had a very tight, focused and successful radio campaign going for him.

The lesson here… Before you give up… take a look at the bigger picture. How has what you are trying to do worked for others. Don’t let your pride prevent you from asking others for advice and ideas. Heck… it’s what I do for a living. Every campaign is different, every business is unique. The determination of success is not always based on the message or air-time – but on the ambition and sensibility of the business owner behind the campaign.

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