Give Your Customers More Credit

I’m not talking about dollars and cents here… I’m talking about the credit your customers have with your business mentally and emotionally. Consumer loyalty. What is your “credit level” with your customers?

Start out by asking yourself a few questions:

1) How do your customers view YOUR business and what you offer THEM? It could be very different than your point of view.
2) Are you just another business that sells products and services… Or are you a trusted source for advice and help when they need you? If you’re “Just another” outlet to them, prepare to be disposed of in their minds. Especially if you are nothing more than a building that gives services or sells goods with a credit card scanner.
3) Who is your customer and how can you develop a better relationship with each and every one of them? If you can find ways to do this – to be real and honest with them, and help them when they need it. You will have a customer for life.

Building that relationship with a customer starts with Image. How does the public perceive you? If you require them to come into your place of business to find that out, you will be very quickly passed by. You need to start by reaching out to your customers where they are. There are multiple ways that companies have done this over the years. Some with more success than others… No matter how you do it – Remember – It’s all about the message.

For example. There is Business #1 – To reach their customers they scream at the top of their lungs and intrude on their potential customers while they are listening to the radio commercials. Does it get them noticed. Yes… But does it develop a relationship? No. In turn they have to spend gobs of money month after month to stay top of mind with people.

Then there is Business #2 – To reach their customers they also used radio, however they took a different approach. They branded themselves as a local, hometown, trusted business that is there when people need them. They showcase ways they have gone out of their way to help the community, and why they too love their city and the people who live there. They also have real customers on the radio commercials talking about why they chose this business over the other. In turn they are able to spend less on marketing because they have repeat business, because a relationship is developed with everyone who hears their radio commercials. They run enough radio commercials each month to stay top of mind with new customers, but they don’t need to constantly pound their name over and over by screaming at people.

Who had more credit with their customers the “Screaming loud” business or the “Local, Trustworthy, and lots of people talking about why they like business #2 over #1.” business?

Children beat on pots and pans to get attention and have an attitude of “everyone will pay attention to me – just because “. Adults who own thriving businesses have an attitude of – How can we show our customers we care through positive marketing using radio commercials and developing true relationships once they come in. Never take your customers for granted, or assume they will come to you “just because”.

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