How To Make an offer Your Customers Can’t Refuse

Every day when I turn on a radio commercial I hear the parade of offers… “Mention this commercial and take 5% off your order” or the always effective “use promo code AD3W92D to get five dollars off”… Giving your potential customers a reason to use your products or services is very important. Even more important is making that offer a EFFECTIVE! As much as you would like to think people will respond to getting 10% off an order, or getting five dollars off a purchase – The truth is… They Don’t Care.
If you want to make a customer take action… there is one word that is more powerful than ANY type of percent or dollar figure off offer… That word is “Free”.

However the “free” offer better be legit. I’m not saying you need to give your products or services away and go broke. I’m saying – give your customers some incentive to buy them. For example, a great one that furniture stores use in their radio commercials: “Free HDTV’s” with every purchase. Granted the “Free HDTV is usually a low cost, 14in, cheap after market HDTV. That very TV helps move furniture. (heck, I’m still using the cheap free DVD player I got with a bedroom set 6 years ago. I think of that furniture store every time I use it) If it’s a financial related service – “Free consultation” or “Free custom financial report” or “Free EBook” sound appealing because the last thing someone in financial difficulty wants to do is spend hundreds more with an accountant. If the financial company can provide them with valuable information and solutions to their problems – they have a new client.
The key to the “free” offer is: It needs to have a meaningful value to your target customer. Don’t just give away something for the sake of giving it away. The “Free” offer goes much further than running radio commercials that say “Mention this radio commercial and take X% off your order”. This is true EVEN if the consumer would save more in the long run with the percentage off. The use of the word FREE offer statically will drive more sales.
Why is this? Most people tend to only think in the “Now”. So your offers to your customer base need to be in the “now” as well. How will this almost “instantly” make life better, and almost instantly fix the problem or fulfill the need. The consumer not only wont care much about the percentage off, nor will they remember it two days later. However – They WILL remember the TV they got from you, or the free report about their specific situation, or whatever that free offer is. That “free” offer often times also turns a customer into a repeat customer. Because when it comes time to use your services again, their curiosity will once again make them wonder… what they will get for “Free”.
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