Buseinss Advice: Keep Your Customers Hours!

Have you ever gotten into the car, battled traffic all the way across town, only to find that the store you were planning on shopping at was closed? You look down at the clock radio and it says "1:30" on a Sunday afternoon. You pause and think to yourself... ":Why on earth would they be closed right now? This has to be the most common time for customers to shop here!"

I see this all too often, often times from businesses that are struggling! It seems to be a harsh wakeup call when we do something as obvious as adjusting store hours, but sometimes the obvious needs to be brought to light. If you own a business - Your number one job is customer service. If you can't serve your customer - When THEY need service - Not when YOU feel like it.

I understand staffing issues, I understand there are times when it is just not feasible to stay open to serve 1 or 2 customers. That makes sense. What does not make sense are the countless retail outlets that keep business hours as if THEY were the DMV. I'm sorry but 9am - 6pm Monday through Friday and 3 hours on Saturday do not accommodate most people’s schedules. Would it make sense for all gas stations to only be open from Midnight - 5am? No... If all did that, and suddenly one kept other hours - that gas station would likely have 10x more business than the stores that were not open to accommodate the other drivers.
There is one furniture store that absolutely baffles me with their hours - They are closed after 6pm every day, and completely closed on Sunday. Most people furniture shop in the evening after work and on the weekends! I can only imagine the millions of dollars they are losing, not to mention the countless potential customers they are upsetting when they pull into the parking lot only to find a "closed" sign in the door. If you are a retail outlet - Don't be that store! Don't make excuses for your less than perfect hours!

Find reasons to connect with your customers when they want to connect with you! You will be amazed what you have been missing!

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