How to Destroy Your Business... One Step at a Time

There has been allot of talk and posts out there over the last 5 years about "only checking your email once or twice a day" to be productive. This may work for you if you are EXTREMENLY HANDS OFF with your business, but it won’t work if you rely on communicating with the people who run it, or the customers who support it. Now... you not only need to have a finger on the pulse of your inbox, you need to have it on twitter, face book, and the load of other social networks out there - because guess what - your customers are there too. And they are talking about what they need from you.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that just because you own a business - you now have a free ticket to do anything you want whenever you want. See a great YouTube video? Hell... You are your own boss, spend the next 3 hours sharing it when friends! Then - Go to lunch for 2 hours! What could possibly go wrong?

ALOT could go wrong. All the emails that have been coming in are starting to pile up, the urgent voicemails are going unanswered, and the notes that your front desk left you are not being replied to. Now your employees are doing "what they think is right". Only for you to find out in four days that everything is in a major bind. Which in turn: You get frustrated, and escape back to the links. Bottom line - Unless you are truly a hands-off owner. You need to be a part of the daily activates.

Running a business is not easy. Running a business effectively and successfully is even more difficult. How do you tackle all the headaches? Organization! If you can easily access the solutions to the questions that come your way - you will be amazed at just how much you can handle in one hour. I love Outlook. In fact - I live by it. I have my color coordinated "to-do" list down to a Science, and I check it every hour. I'm constantly moving things around to when they need to get done, today, tomorrow or three months from now. Every day I run across things that posted as a reminder to myself months ago, if I had not been organized I would have missed the opportunities. The same goes for all emails, calls, leads, tweets questions and interactions you have with your staff and customers. Every single interaction is an opportunity. Either for a sale (today, next week, or next year) or to build a stronger business through your employees. Identify the opportunity and make it happen. Small or big.

When you’re playing an active, organized and effective part in what you love (your business... assuming you love it - if not end it now). You will find much more satisfaction than any day on the links. It all starts with keeping an eye on the road, and it starts with your inbox.

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