Talking Fish Infects Radio Commercials

Have you heard the "Talking Fish" radio commercial from a certain fast food restaurant?

This single radio commercial has been the centerpiece of countless face book postings, tweets, and comments on blogs and websites all over the world. What makes this particularly interesting to me is the fact that this is from a radio commercial. Yes, a radio commercial. A medium that many say is "not relevant" anymore. A medium that supposedly "no one listens to" (even though a recent survey found that 94% of Americans listen to the radio at some point every single day.) Its a medium that has quite a bit of power in 2010.

Is it still the only outlet to get new music from? No. Is it the only outlet to get news and weather from? No. Have these affected the effectiveness of radio commercials? No.

Don't get me wrong... To have a successful marketing campaign, online tools sure as hell better be part of your marketing arsenal! You also do not want to overlook time trusted tools such as radio, TV, even print sometimes as well... even though they may be "old". Old is not a bad thing... it means they have survived many storms and keep delivering results to their customers. People thought radio would die when the magic picture box came around too... that was about 60 years ago. Guess what... still alive and kicking... and with more listeners than ever before.

I'm not saying that simply because you create a radio commercial - magically customers will be driven to your doorstep. Content is king... in any medium.... from radio commercials to YouTube! If the content in that commercial is blah - no one will care or take Acton. If the "fish" commercial that became so viral simply said "we have yummy fish sandwiches" - it would not be so popular. The fact that it included a singing fish talking about how "if it were you on the bun, you wouldn't think this was funny" - made people talk.

Now, you probably shouldn't incorporate singing fish into your radio commercials or marketing campaigns, but you do need relevant and compelling content if you want to stand out and make it work. The next time you put your best marketing foot forward - remember the "fish story", and where it started. For content to be super viral, many times it starts on something as simple as a radio commercial.

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