What does radio advertising cost?

This question is the equivalent of asking – How much does food cost at the market? – There are skittles and there is steak – all have very different prices. It’s the same with radio advertising. There are many factors that play into an effective radio campaign.

Some of these key factors are location, length of campaign, time of day it will be airing, amount of times it will be on the air, and the station it is going to be on. The price of a single bottle of water in an upscale restaurant will be very different than the cost of a single bottle bought in bulk at a big box store. Both are water… however both are found in very different settings. Sorry, I wish it was a simple question that I could throw figures out to you on. But every campaign is different!

The vast amount of options is a positive if you are a business person! With so many options, we can explore several options that may fit the budget you have in your mind. Some will reach more people, some will reach less people. The important thing to remember - almost all will reach people, and people are needed to keep you in business. Each plan will have stats attached as to what can be expected for exposure with your target customer.

“That’s great and all… but what about prices?” - Again… “What does food cost at the market”? There are effective plans in some areas for 1k or less and there are effective plans for 50k. It all depends on the size and scope of what you want to do and where. I can give you a ball park for your specific situation and market, which varies from market to market based on all these factors. If you would like to explore what these options in your area are, feel free to drop me an email. I would be happy to help point you in the right direction!

An effective marketing plan starts with an experienced marketing team. If you have any questions about TV Advertising or Radio Advertising call me anytime - (231)468-9972 or email us here. Or visit http://www.bestradiocommercials.com .  My company has been one of the most trusted names in Television Advertising and Radio Advertising for years.

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