How to make a Radio Commercial Relevant

If you are airing radio commercials for your business, take a moment to look at the ad copy. Then ask yourself… does this script speak to my target customer of today? Are the terms reminiscent of how your customers speak? Are the descriptions accurate and appealing or do they sound over-used and cliché’?

I recently spent several hours driving across a state listening intently to local radio, and what heard what disturbing. Especially in an economy where every penny counts. I heard radio commercial after radio commercial filled with weak offers, non-existent call to action lines, and less than appealing voices calling for the consumer to take action . If just ONE of these commercials had a little more time spent on it - ironing out the details – reviewing its goal - it would have been a shining diamond in the rough of the radio commercial landscape.

I was hearing terms like “space age technology” in a message targeted at 20 some-things. I’m sorry but the space age technology line was outdated by the late 80’s. Twenty years later, it’s an antique term.

“Biggest variety” “great selection” – These I hate too. It describes nothing. Everyone has a selection. What makes your selection different? Point that out!

WWW… Please stop with this! Everyone knows www, hell you don’t even need to type it anymore! “Visit us online”. Really? Why? What’s the ploy of visiting you on line… give me a REASON! Please DON’T send me to your site, if it looks like it was designed in 1995 by your cousin’s son for a school project.

I’m just scraping the surface here. I could go on and on for days. Bottom line, If you advertise. Make sure you know what is being said about your business in those “advertisements” or they could very quickly start working against you as compared to “working for you”.

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