Radio Advertising and its Effects

Radio Advertising. Ask around, and you will find a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts. Some will say “ITS AMAZING… IT drives in LOADS of business”. Others will say “I tried it once and quit”. How could there be such variance of opinion on a topic if say both people ran businesses that were virtually identical? What did one do that the other didn’t? Is it all luck?
Just as a doctor needs to ask questions to diagnose a problem, we need to look at what each business did different to identify what went well and what went wrong.
I would venture to say that one business invested in frequent air-plays on a radio station that had high listener-ship with their target customers and had a professionally produced commercial that was creative, to the point and made a compelling offer.
The other, I would venture to guess has one or a combination of the following problems. A message that was off target, audio that was NOT professionally produced – making the business sound cheap and un-trustworthy, air-times on a radio station that did not cater to that businesses target clientele and/or very infrequent air play.
But how much is enough when it comes to air-play? What should a professional radio commercial sound like? What radio station best reaches your target clientele? Just as you know your industry inside and out, I know mine and would be happy to help you fill in the answers to these questions, and any other questions you may have about the industry.Radio Advertising isn’t right for everyone, but for many it can be like striking gold if done right.
An effective marketing plan starts with an experienced marketing team. If you have any questions about TV Advertising or Radio Advertising call me anytime - (231)468-9972 or email us here. Or visit .  My company has been one of the most trusted names in Television Advertising and Radio Advertising for years.

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