3 Ways to Make Your TV Advertising Effective

Any business that utilizes TV advertising knows that there is a fine line between catchy and effective. If you try to be too "catchy" or "creative" the viewer can lose sight of what the message is all about. You may succeeded in keeping their attention and making them laugh, but you will have failed at bringing them in as a potential customer. If you go over the top on what your biz is all about, you lose them in a fit of boredom. So what can you do to make your TV advertising soar above these hurdles and pitfalls to stand out with success on the screens? Here are three simple principles to remember when creating your TV Advertising message.

#1 Get a better Focus: All too often I see and hear businesses trying to cram a little bit of everything into a thirty second message. Their thought process is "I want to show off all the amazing things we can do!". While in theory, that's not a bad idea. In a realistic world of ADD attention spans and constant bombardment of crap commercials, it is the last thing you should do in a TV advertising message. You need to focus in on who you are trying to reach with your specific message. If that is a 28 year old female with a mid-level income who lives in the burbs, your message needs to speak to THAT person. Try to craft a message that reaches her AND her 60 year hold Harley loving hermit uncle who lives in a trailer 30 miles out of town and you will FAIL. While your biz may target each customer in some way, a combo message cannot. So focus your message on your prime target, if there are multiple targets - create multiple commercials with a unique focus for each ad.

#2 Get a Better Commercial: FREE IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER. I cannot stress this enough. Especially when it comes to commercial production. I know the TV station may be offering "FREE" or super cheap production, but YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. If you are going to invest in an air plan on TV why wouldn't you invest in commercial production that looks good and is created by people who know how to take your message and make it work. Generic pan shots of your storefront and specials flashed across the screen just won't cut it. You wouldn't buy a house and never get the power hooked up because it was an "added expense", don't cut the power to your TV advertising campaign before it starts. Hire an outside TV production company to make something GOOD!

#3 Make a Better Offer: This is where you need to really look at what your customers want from you, what can you give them that would make you stand out by leaps and bounds above your competition? Don't buy into BS like "we have better service" or "we have better selection", because while that may be true - Your customers are sick to death of hearing that! They don't care. They want a real offer from you, what can you bring to the table that no one else can or is willing to do. Find that hot spot, get it in your TV advertising and you will be golden.

And oh yea… If you ever need help creating an effective professional TV, Radio, Web, or Video Commercial please give me a call. It's what I do! I have hundreds of clients who would be happy to tell you that that our work doesn't "suck". My direct line is (231)468-9972. Or you can email me tony@televisionadvertisingexperts.com . You can see samples of our work at http://www.televisionadvertisingexperts.com and http://www.bestradiocommercials.com .

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