How Many People Listen To The Radio?

Chances are if you are reading this article with a preconceived notion that radio listenership is low or down. You may have a friend who said “Who listens to the radio anymore?!”.  After reading this you will be able to give them they answer on an industry they thought they knew so much about. The short answer “Millions my friend, millions”… then trail off with an evil laugh.

Radio attracts nearly 66.5 million adults to its airwaves each and every week. Not bad for a medium that many people call “old”. The reality of the situation is this: Yes, there are other medium out there to advertise on, however there is yet to be a medium that reaches people in the mass number that radio does. The recent study showed that nearly 93.1% of all adults 12+ listen to the radio each week.

So think about it, nearly 93.1% of the people in your city are tuned into a radio at some point in the day. Maybe it’s on the way to or from work. Maybe it’s streaming the local station at their desk to play the contest that promises to give away hundreds each day. It could be the clock radio as one gets ready to head off to a busy day in the office or as that same person calms down for the evening and drifts off to sleep. Radios are all over the place, and people are using them.

That is why the medium of radio is so effective and relied upon by millions of businesses every year for advertising their messages. Radio commercials reach thousands of people at a time. Compare this to more current mediums and break down the numbers of what it costs to reach an individual and you will find that number (defined as cost per thousand) to be the lowest in radio. If you were to ask me "what is the cheapest way to reach the most people. “I always tell them “radio”.

Of course there are other factors that play into the medium of radio and radio commercials being effective. Being on the correct station at the correct time with an effective radio commercial are key. This however can all be mapped out with an industry expert free of charge if you know where to look. (Hint: Check my contact info in the resource box).

With a little research (which you are clearly working on right now), investment in your business you too can utilize the medium to your advantage.

I strive to help business effectively reach their target customers through compelling & creative radio commercials. For help with radio commercials or radio advertising  in any part of the country be sure to email or call (231)468-9972. 

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