What does Radio Advertising Cost?

The answer to this question really depends on three things:
  • ·         The population city you want to advertise in.
  • ·         The station you are advertising on
  • ·         What time of day your commercials will air
There is no “one for all” menu board that anyone can give you to determine the price your advertising will cost without doing some research first.  What I do is match my customers advertising goals to those three main points. Location, the station that would best reach the type of customer my client needs and the time of day they are listening.

I always have to ask myself questions about budget that magic number plays a big part in any radio commercial or advertising campaign.

“Can my client afford to be on the air during drive time?”

“Can my client afford to be on multiple times a day?”

“Can they be on more than one station or would it be better to focus the budget on one highly targeted station and go for high frequency?”
These are all issues that run through my mind as I work with a business owner that wants to advertise on the radio.

Oftentimes what one may “guess”  to be the best idea for advertising; or approach to take will not be the most effective.  Unless you work in the industry day in and day out and know where these pitfalls lie, it is very easy to fall into one and loose a boat load of money in the process. It’s important not to go into radio advertising blindly and just use your gut. While it can be the most effective medium out there to promote a business, it can also suck your bank dry if you are not doing it right.

There is a method to the madness of radio advertising.  There is also usually some form or radio advertising for virtually any budget in any city. Obviously it will cost more to advertise in larger cites because you are paying to reach more people, but the options are there. It’s all a matter of placing a quality commercial in an optimized place on the correct station for a set period of time.

The first thing you need to do if you are considering radio advertising is to ask yourself three things: Who do you want to reach? Where are they located? What can you offer them to make them take action?  Those are key points to consider before starting a radio campaign.

If I can help in any way, feel free to reach out to me through the info in the resource section.

I strive to help business effectively reach their target customers through compelling & creative radio commercials. For help with radio commercials or radio advertising  in any part of the country be sure to email tony@bestradiocommercials.com or call (231)468-9972. 

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