What Does It Cost to Advertise On TV?

I am asked every single day something that I call the "Magic Question" - What does it cost to advertise on TV?

In reality it is a very complex question to answer. It involves figuring out exactly what it will cost to produce your commercial and what your expectations are for it - and then what station, time and scope of campaign you would like to have put together for you. Add all of this up and you have the answer to "What it will cost to advertise on TV".

To get a better understanding of the costs associated with advertising on tv, I suggest checking out this article.
It goes into greater detail and should give you a good idea on just how affordable it can be to advertise on the boob-tube. (When is the last time you heard it called that!?)

If you are a business owner and looking for some solid answers right now as to the cost of advertising on TV for your business, please give me a call at (231)468-9972 or email tony@televisionadvertisingexperts.com . After learning a bit more about your business I will be able to give you an exact estimate on what a television advertising campaign would cost.

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